Current Projects

ACCUMULATEACquiring CrUcial Medical information Using LAnguage TEchnology
DAMEA platform for Deep learning Approaches for Multilingual tExt processing
iV&LCombining Computer Vision and Language Processing For Advanced Search (EU ICT COST Action)
MARVELMobile Augmented Reality and Vocal Explanations for Landmarks and visual arts
MetaHavenAdding Metadata to Media Content
MUSTERMUltimodal processing of Spatial and TEmporal expRessions (EU CHIST-ERA)
SaaSSelf-learning SaaS platform for simplification of data-intensive customer experiences
SAEL-RMR A Synergetic Approach to Extraction, Learning and Reasoning for Machine Reading
SCATESmart Computer-Aided Translation Environment
TextLink Structuring Discourse in Multilingual Europe (EU ISCH Cost Action)

Past Projects

A4MC3Architectures for Mobile Community Content Creation
ACILAAutomatic Detection and Classification of Arguments in a Legal Case
AcknowledgeAccessible & Open Knowledge Infrastructure for Flanders
AMASS++Advanced Multimedia Alignment and Structured Summarization
AntiPhishAnticipatory Learning for Reliable Phishing Prevention (EU ICT FP6)
CADIALComputer Aided Document Indexing for Accessing Legislation
CLARINCommon Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure
CLASSCognitive-Level Annotation using Latent Statistical Structure (EU ICT FP6)
CORNETTOCombinatorial and Relational Network as Toolkit for Dutch Language Technology
DAISYDutch lAnguage Investigation of Summarization technologY
DISKDIScovery of Knowledge on Chinese Medicinal Plants in Biomedical Texts
GIEGeneric Technology for Information Extraction from Texts
INFO-NSIntelligent exploitation tools for nonstructured information for the Belgian federal police
ISISIndexing Structures and retrievability of Information Sources
LINDOLarge scale distributed INDexation of multimedia Objects
MARSMAchine Reading of patient recordS
MUMIAMUltilingual and Multifaceted Interactive information Access (EU ICT COST Action)
MUSEMachine Understanding for interactive StorytElling (EU ICT FP7 FET)
PARISPersonalised AdveRtisements buIlt from web Sources
PuppyIRAn Open Source Environment to Construct Information Services for Children (EU ICT FP7)
RadicalRadical Innovations
SAMSemantic Annotation and retrieval of Multimedia
Spraak2Taal Extraction of Ideological Content from Political Speeches
SUNSHINEVirtual Data Analyst for Interactive Data-Driven Journalism
TERENCEAn Adaptive Learning System for Reasoning about Stories (EU ICT FP7)
TermWiseTermWise: Resources for Specialized Language Use
TEXT MININGText Mining for the Dissemination of Statistical Information via the Internet
TIMEAdvanced Time Based Text Mining
TOSCA-MPTask-Oriented Search and Content Annotation for Media Production (EU ICT FP7)
WebInsightWebInsight: Towards Modeling Correlation and Evolution of Web Documents