Architectures for Mobile Community Content Creation


The aim of the A4MC³-IBBT project is to explore the possibilities of community building using state of the art technology, mobile terminals, wireless networks, multimedia and meta-data technology to create a new, friendly experience.


In this project we have worked closely together with Concentra Media, Hasselt .


The contribution of the LIIR research group is twofold. First, it has normalized dialect words to their equivalent in standard Dutch language, second it has clustered the noisy texts into topic hierarchies, where a co-clustering approach (jointly clustering terms and documents) was evaluated. The detected topics serve as meta-data to the texts.

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Period From 2005-06-01 to 2007-05-31.
Financed by IBBT
Supervised by Marie-Francine Moens
Staff Wim De Smet
Contact Wim De Smet

More information can be found on the project website http://www.ibbt.be/nl/project/a4mc3-0


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