LIIR Research Team

Welcome to the home page of the Language Intelligence & Information Retrieval (LIIR) research team of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. We are part of the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) unit in the Department of Computer Science. The research of the LIIR group strives to develop a general framework for information processing of natural language discourse in a multimedia context. The core of the research regards problems of information retrieval, information extraction, linking, summarization and search while dealing with unstructured information and often involving “big data” sets. Fundamental problems with regard to language understanding, information mining and fusion, indexing, and retrieval models are studied. The developed technologies are applied in the domains of news, business intelligence, bioinformatics, police and intelligence services, legal documents, electronic mail, user generated content, and the World Wide Web, and contribute to the field of data science in these areas. LIIR encourages research at the intersection of natural language processing, information retrieval and machine learning and connects to other disciplines through its collaborations including speech processing, computer vision, data mining, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and human-computer interaction.

Under the supervision of Marie-Francine Moens the team participates in several research projects sponsored by the European Commission, Belgian and Flemish governments and academic research institutions. In some projects the group collaborates with important industrial partners.