Language Intelligence & Information Retrieval Lab

Welcome to the home page of the Language Intelligence & Information Retrieval (LIIR) lab of KU Leuven, Belgium. We are part of the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) unit in the Department of Computer Science. The members of the lab are especially interested in natural language processing and understanding, multimedia mining, machine learning and information retrieval. We study well-informed theoretical models as well as challenging applications, often empowered by big data sets. We investigate probabilistic graphical and deep learning models, with a special focus on learning with limited supervision. We have a special interest in statistical multimodal representation learning where we explore the complementarity of language and visual data. The developed technologies are, among others, applied in the domains of bioinformatics, business intelligence, e-commerce analytics, electronic message filtering, news search and mining, user generated content mining, and World Wide Web mining and search, and contribute to the field of data science in these areas. Through its collaborations LIIR connects to other disciplines including speech processing, computer vision, data mining, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and human-computer interaction.